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Things you should know about the TOEFL Exam

Stu­dent com­mu­ni­ties around the world would have heard the term “TOEFL” more often than not, dur­ing their prepa­ra­tion for high­er stud­ies abroad. For the unini­ti­at­ed, TOEFL abbre­vi­at­ed as Test of Eng­lish as For­eign Lan­guage is the most pop­u­lar Eng­lish pro­fi­cien­cy exam used by the North Amer­i­can Uni­ver­si­ties to screen eli­gi­ble stu­dents for Uni­ver­si­ty admis­sions. This arti­cle takes read­ers on a TOEFL ride to help them under­stand the nuances of the exam and help them give it a bet­ter shot.

Why TOEFL/​TOEFL exam ben­e­fits

TOEFL exam tests the inter­na­tion­al stu­dents’ under­stand­ing and usage of North Amer­i­can Eng­lish. So stu­dents should com­pul­so­ri­ly give TOEFL exam if they are plan­ning to study in the North Amer­i­can and allied (Cana­da) Uni­ver­si­ties. More than 10000 col­leges in over 130 coun­tries accept TOEFL exam score for their admis­sions.

Who con­ducts TOEFL

Edu­ca­tion­al Test­ing Ser­vice (ETS) is the admin­is­tra­tive body that sets and admin­is­ters the TOEFL exam. It is the world’s largest pri­vate non­prof­it edu­ca­tion­al test­ing and assess­ment organ­i­sa­tion. It sends the stu­dents who have appeared in exam, a score card once the eval­u­a­tion is done.

When to give TOEFL

TOEFL is con­duct­ed year round, with as many as 50 test dates per year. Stu­dents wish­ing to retake the test can do so after a wait­ing peri­od of 12 days.

How to give TOEFL

TOEFL is an online as well as a paper-based exam. The stu­dent has to first reg­is­ter himself/​herself to give the exam. TOEFL exam doesn’t set out any eli­gi­bil­i­ty cri­te­ria. Any­one can take the test. Please note that the Uni­ver­si­ties accept­ing the TOEFL score of the stu­dents will have dif­fer­ent eli­gi­bil­i­ty cri­te­ria for assess­ment. TOEFL as such doesn’t have eli­gi­bil­i­ty cri­te­ria and that’s the rea­son it is open for all.

TOEFL Exam Reg­is­tra­tion Process:

Reg­is­tra­tion for the TOEFL exam is fair­ly sim­ple, and stu­dent can sched­ule the exam any time dur­ing the year, with a max­i­mum of five attempts allowed each year. Steps to be tak­en for TOEFL reg­is­tra­tion is list­ed below.
• Cre­ate an online pro­file in theTOE­FL login page
• Pay the online exam fee and the exam date is sched­uled

Online reg­is­tra­tion is the eas­i­est way to sched­ule TOEFL exam.
Stu­dents can even opt for offline reg­is­tra­tion. Below are the ways for offline reg­is­tra­tion

• Stu­dents can also reg­is­ter at any TOEFL Resource cen­ter and pay direct­ly.
• Stu­dents can reg­is­ter through phone, by reach­ing out to Region­al reg­is­tra­tion cen­ter and pay with credit/​debit card as direct­ed.
• Stu­dents can also reg­is­ter through the mail. Fill out the reg­is­tra­tion form and mail the hard copy along with the fee pay­ment to the des­ig­nat­ed region­al TOEFL cen­ters.

TOEFL exam pat­tern

TOEFL exam pat­tern con­sists of 4 sec­tions. Each sec­tion is allot­ted 30 points, with a total of 120 points for the whole exam and the TOEFL exam dura­tion is 4 1/​2 hours. The four sec­tions are list­ed below with score order
• Lis­ten­ing
• Read­ing
• Speak­ing
• Writ­ing

Lis­ten­ing: In this sec­tion, the stu­dent should focus to lis­ten to lec­tures, class­room dis­cus­sions, and con­ver­sa­tions and then answer the ques­tions. There will be a total of 34 – 51 ques­tions, and the dura­tion of the TOEFL exam lis­ten­ing sec­tion is 60 – 90 min­utes
Read­ing: In this sec­tion, the stu­dent is asked to read three or four pas­sages from aca­d­e­m­ic texts and answer the ques­tions giv­en. There will be a total of 36 – 56 ques­tions, with TOEFL exam read­ing sec­tion dura­tion of 60 – 80 min­utes.
Speak­ing: In this sec­tion, the stu­dent should express himself/​herself on a famil­iar top­ic by speak­ing based on read­ing and lis­ten­ing tasks. There will be a total of six tasks, with TOEFL exam speak­ing sec­tion dura­tion of 20 min­utes.
Writ­ing: In this sec­tion, the stu­dent is asked to write essay respons­es on the giv­en read­ing and lis­ten­ing tasks. There will be a total of two tasks, with TOEFL exam writ­ing sec­tion dura­tion of 50 min­utes.
Note:  Please note that the TOEFL test that you take may include extra ques­tions in the read­ing or lis­ten­ing sec­tions, which do not count towards your total score. These ques­tions help ETS(Educational test­ing ser­vice) to test how the new ques­tions framed will func­tion under actu­al test­ing con­di­tions.

TOEFL Test for­mats

TOEFL test can be giv­en in two for­mats.
• Inter­net-based test(IBT)
• Paper-based test(PBT)
98 % of the TOEFL test tak­ers give the exam in IBT for­mat. Most of the uni­ver­si­ties pre­fer TOEFL IBT test scores. But those who don’t have access to IBT TOEFL for­mat can give the exam in PBT for­mat.
There are about 4,500 test cen­ters spread across 165 coun­tries.


Inter­net-based test­ing TOEFL exam has a total of 120 points, with each sec­tion allot­ted 30 points.
InPa­per-based test­ing TOEFL exam, the three sec­tions name­ly lis­ten­ing, struc­ture, and read­ing will have a total of 310 – 677points. Writ­ing which is cov­ered in a sep­a­rate sec­tion con­tains 0 – 6 points, all in 1 point incre­ments.
TOEFL score is valid for 2 years. Min­i­mum TOEFL score for admis­sions shouldbe 61 and the max­i­mum score is 120.

TOEFL exam fee

For IBT, the TOEFL exam fee is US$ 160 TO US$ 250, depend­ing on the coun­try where the stu­dent takes the exam. For PBT, the TOEFL exam fee is US$ 180. Hence, the TOE­Fl exam cost is in gen­er­al vari­able.
How to pre­pare for TOEFL exam
TOEFL is a rel­a­tive­ly easy exam to pre­pare when com­pared to the GRE. All that the stu­dent needs to focus is on build­ing his/​her Eng­lish vocab­u­lary to pre­pare for the dif­fer­ent sec­tions of the exam. In this regards, there are many TOEFL vocab­u­lary builder apps avail­able. All you need to do is down­load the TOEFL vocab­u­lary builder apps for free and start prac­tic­ing and learn­ing North Amer­i­can Eng­lish with the help of these apps.
Clos­ing thoughts

TOEFL exam is one of the pre­req­ui­sites for admis­sion into many of the pres­ti­gious insti­tu­tions around the world. Though it is one of the many fac­tors in the Uni­ver­si­ty admis­sion process, nev­er­the­less a good TOEFL score can give the stu­dent an edge over oth­ers. With a prepa­ra­tion time of 15 – 30 days, stu­dents giv­en the help of TOEFL vocab­u­lary builder apps or TOEFL vocab­u­lary flash­cards can crack the exam to get admis­sion to col­leges of their pref­er­ence.

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